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Breaking Mindsets

Mar 3, 2023

Although everyone balances their time and work differently, in this episode Sharon Sorkin, Chief Trademark Counsel at Ford Motor Company, discusses with Brooks Kushman CEO Sangeeta Shah how important it is to be both transparent and reliable, and how setting limits and clear expectations and then delivering on those expectations is critical to being successful in any role.

Sharon Sorkin manages the global automotive and mobility trademark portfolios for renowned brands such as FORD, MUSTANG, F-150, BRONCO, MAVERICK, among others. She is passionate about collaborating across different corporate functions to elevate the role that trademarks can play in brand-building and overall corporate brand value. Before joining Ford, Sharon spent 9 years as Global Trademark Counsel at Mars Wrigley where she had the pleasure of working on sweets brand such as SKITTLES, STARBURST, LIFE SAVERS, ORBIT, EXTRA, and FREEDENT. Sharon is an active member of the INTA community and currently serves on the Professional Development Committee. Sharon is also the mom of two busy children – Charlie (age 10) and Mia (age 8) – who keep her busy when not working. Throughout her career, Sharon has passionately supported the growth and development of those around her and strived for meaningful collaboration with colleagues and clients, recognizing each individual’s unique talents and perspectives and the value those bring to the table.